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Natural Stone, India

My desired stone is not listed here. Do you have it?

We are exporter of Indian stones; the website is showcase of our most popular stones, the stones which are more in demand. In case your desired stone is not listed over here, just send us a mail along with an image (if possible) and your requirement. we will give our best to source it, specially for you, if it is not found in our godown or database.

Do you only supply Regular size slabs / Tiles. Can I order my size?

Yes we also supply slabs and tiles as per customer requirement. You can order finish, edges profile, thickness and size as per your requirement. But made sure ordered quanity should be for minimum 1 container load.

Can I order more than one color or variety of stone in same container?

Yes, you can order more than one variety of stone in same container. We supply Natural stones from across the India. Since all stones are sourced from different area, we have to look for feasibility to stuff it in same container. Please ask us for possibilities of combination.